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About Little Green Men

With over 20 years of experience, Little Green Men has been in business since 1994. Our core business focus has been Automatic Sprinkler and Landscaping service. As a professional Licensed and Insured Landscape and Property management company, we have grown our business to become a premier full service landscaping company providing solutions that include, automatic sprinkler installation and repair, landscape and hardscape design, seasonal lawn maintenance, tree service, and Spring and Fall cleanup all for your commercial or residential property needs.


Little Green Men, formerly CW Sprinkler Company, was founded by Calvin White Sr. who decided to start a sprinkler company due to the exploding industry. Mr. White was amazing at designing sprinkler and irrigation systems. 

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As his popularity grew, it was determined he needed more crew to handle the influx of customers wanting sprinkler systems. He hired a larger crew but quickly found that his crew was not delivering the same quality of work that made Mr. White’s services so high in demand. His bar for excellence in his craft and service was very high and eventually he terminated the crew and was determined that he would not let his crew ruin his reputation and run his business into the ground. Unfortunately this was not physically possible due to the demand.

Our father begun to take us to work with him one Summer and put us to work. He was a body builder so his size alone kept all three of us in check. The twins were 8 and Calvin Jr, the oldest was 9 years old. He was a body builder so his size alone kept all three of us in check. Late one Summer night a customer came outside and asked my father why he had three little boys outside working so late? My father turned around and looked at her. Then he look at his boys. Then he ask her with a smile on his face, “What three little boys? Those are my three Little Green Men”. Yes, he truly did say that. Today we are called Little Green Men.

Mr. Calvin White Jr

Mr. Calvin White Jr


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